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Your loved one’s memory should be cherished forever. Here at Grayson Funeral Home, we provide you with sympathetic and dignified funeral and cremation services to celebrate your loved one’s memory. Count on our compassionate staff to assist you with all your funeral service needs.

We serve the Hanover, IN area.

Cremation Service - Hanover, IN - Grayson Funeral Home

Grayson Funeral Home offers:

  • Affordable funeral service
  • Cremation service
  • Monuments available

Contact Grayson Funeral Home today at 812-866-2411.

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893 High Street, P.O. Box 429 Charlestown, IN 47111
Phone: 812-256-2424
Fax: 812-256-2003

New Washington:
206 Main Street, P.O. Box 146 New Washington, IN 47162
Phone: 812-293-3834
Fax: 812-293-3836

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Grayson Funeral Home
P.O. Box 278 Main St.,
Hanover, IN 47243